Rancho Hills (the way it was!)

Meet the Gilroy Council Candidates!

Mayoral and Councilor Candidates Present their Views to Northwest Gilroy

This meeting was a huge success! The room was packed with 50+ interested voters...seven candidates for Mayor and City Councilor gave their views.


Mayoral Candidate:

Don Gage


Mayoral Candidate:

Dr. Peter Arellano


Mayoral Candidate:

Dion Bracco


City Councilor Candidate:

Rebeca Armendariz


City Councilor Candiate:

Cat Tucker


City Councilor Candidate:

Paul Woodward


 City Councilor Candidate:

Paul Kloecker


Our Mission

Protect open space in Gilroy and help shape smart growth in our Foothills.  Continue to educate our community on planned developments with emphasis on value and benefits to our residents now and our future generations.

2012 Goals

  • Monitor all actions taken regarding Our Hill
  • Monitor City Council and Planning Commission meetings
  • Attend appropriate City Council and Planning Commission meetings
  • Meet monthly and have additional meetings as needed
  • Find, endorse and support candidates for City Council that are in line with our mission
  • Educate the community regarding environmental and quality of life issues

Questions or to be added to the email list...KeepGilroy-Hills@yahoo.com

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